• MH 2020 - Sophie Keeler

#SIISaturday - #SeparateTogether

Being a Miss America local titleholder means I get to be a part of many different kinds of presentations and events. One of my favorite appearances is school visits. I love speaking to and getting to know our younger students! I especially enjoy sharing my story and Social Impact Initiative with them.

Earlier this winter, I was thrilled by the doors that where opened to me with opportunities to speak to students in the Hastings School District! Unfortunately, because school is virtual now, these appearances have since been canceled. However, just because I'm separated from them doesn’t mean I can’t share my passion for blood donation with them! Going virtual opened another door to share my cause!

This week I created two video resources to share with families of young students. Each video is similar to the presentations I was looking forward to sharing in person at my school visits.

My first video is for students K-5. This video is age-appropriate and discusses the importance of blood donation in a way its younger audience will understand. You can find this video at the following link:

Take a look and connect with me on our website or follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I can’t wait to hear from you!

#MissAmericaHowTo #BloodDonationTheNextGeneration #SeparateTogether

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