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#SIISaturday - After Your Donation

Happy Social Impact Initiative Saturday!

This week’s blog post is a special one, because our very first Miss Hastings Blood Drive is this Thursday, May 28th, from Noon to 6 PM!

To best prepare our incredible donors for next week, we will discuss the details of what happens after your blood donation appointment.

Immediately after your blood donation, you will be guided to the refreshment area, also known as the canteen, where you’ll be offered something to eat and drink. You will be asked to stay for about 10-15 minutes to recover, and then you can leave the donation facility and continue your routine.

After most donations, your arm will be covered in two bandages. One is a strip bandage with gauze and tape, and the other is a wrap bandage on top. The wrap bandage can be removed soon after your appointment, but the strip bandage should be kept on for several hours.

As for taking care of your body post-donation, you should not do any vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for the rest of the day. Also, drink lots of water and continue eating lots of iron-rich foods.

If you donate with the Red Cross and download their Blood Donor App, you are typically able to track your donation, from processing, all the way to the hospital! You can use the app to share pictures of your blood donation experience, too.

Most of all, after your donation, celebrate the fact that you are helping save lives with a simple blood donation! Your selfless act may save up to three lives with just your one donation.

Thank you for being #TheRightTypeToSaveALife and donating blood!

I cannot wait to thank our donors after the Miss Hastings Blood Drive this Thursday, as we have filled our appointment slots! If you are still interested in donating blood as a part of our cause, please use the Red Cross website to find a blood drive near you.

Thank you again for all of the support,

Sophie Keeler

Miss Hastings 2020

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