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MN Mondays - LeDuc Historic Estate

General William LeDuc and

the LeDuc Historic Estate

This Minnesota Monday, I dove deep into the history of Hastings to learn more about General William LeDuc! Sponsors of Miss Hastings known as LeDuc Bridge Builders are named to honor his memory. These sponsors are American Legion Post 47, Glass Etching Fever, Intek Plastics, Minnesota Coaches, Pro Power Rental, and Walmart in Hastings.

Originally, General William G. LeDuc came to St. Paul in 1850 from Ohio to open a book store and law office. Through his friend Henry Sibley, LeDuc purchased a quarter share in Hastings from Alexander Faribault in 1854. He acquired two wheat farms and 160 acres with a small grist mill on the falls of the Vermillion River. In 1856, LeDuc sold his St. Paul home and businesses and moved his family downriver to Hastings to pursue business interests in their new hometown.

Just when the LeDuc family was ready to start building their home, the Civil War began. In 1862, William left Hastings for Washington, D.C., where he joined the Quartermaster Corps. The LeDucs finally moved into their home late in 1865, and construction continued through the year’s end. When finished, the home had fifteen rooms, fifty-two windows, and was fifty feet tall. This dream home is now known as the LeDuc Historic Estate.

William LeDuc passed away in 1915 at the age of ninety-four. Decades after the LeDuc Historic Estate came into the possession of Carroll Simmons, the home was opened to the public for tours in celebration of Hastings’ centennial anniversary in 1957.

Thank you to and the Dakota County Historical Society for providing such wonderful information about General William LeDuc!

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