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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hey There!

My name is Sophie Keeler, and I am your Miss Hastings 2020! While I am a resident of Chaska, MN, I have loved the opportunity to represent the beautiful community of Hastings and am so grateful the community has embraced and supported me this year!

My loving parents are Robert and Katy Keeler, and I have a wonderful brother Ryan, as well as two darling puppies, Lucy, the Jackapoo, and Piper, the Dalmatian.

I am a sophomore finance major at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In addition to my involvement in my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, I am a member of UA Dance Marathon, University Stewards, Design for America UA, and Delta Sigma Pi.

You might ask yourself, what on earth is a proud Minnesota girl doing all the way down at the University of Alabama? And boy, do I have an answer for you!

My senior year of high school, I applied to 16 different colleges, looking for an institution that would offer a significant amount of financial aid, while also fitting the other qualities I was looking for, including school spirit and a beautiful campus. I hoped to challenge myself with an adventure, although several MN colleges were in my top 5. After receiving my scholarship offer and visiting the school in real life, I absolutely fell in love with UA and knew it would be the step out of my comfort zone I was looking for.

Each titleholder in the Miss America Organization promotes a Social Impact Initiative during her year of service. The title of mine is, “The Right Type to Save a Life: Building Blood Donation Awareness.” Through this initiative, I aim to promote the facts and benefits of regular blood donation. As a Blood Ambassador with the Red Cross and avid blood donation advocate, I have been able to expand my knowledge on the topic of blood donation throughout my time developing my social impact initiative. One of my goals is to change the stigma regarding blood donation by educating individuals on the facts about blood drives and blood donation in our wonderful state (and everywhere I have the opportunity). I am driven to share information about blood donation to make a lasting impact on the Hastings community throughout my year as Miss Hastings, so please contact me through the website if you know of an opportunity for me to share my mission!

As an eighteen-year dance veteran, one of my favorite parts of the Miss America competition format is the talent portion. At our previous competition where I was crowned Miss Hastings 2020, I presented a theatrical jazz dance to the song, “I’ve Got Rhythm” by Judy Garland. Stay tuned to see what I perform on the Miss Minnesota stage this June!

In addition to dancing, I have a strong passion for music, including singing and playing guitar, ukulele, and keyboard. One of my favorite ways to continue this passion is by performing at Senior Homes in Minnesota to share my talent and to spread joy among our community’s seniors.

Thank you so much for your support of the Miss Hastings Scholarship Program, and stay tuned to learn more about me through more blog updates!

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