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One More Time

One Last Interruption

Janelle Behny, MHSP Executive Director

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

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2020 MHSC Postponed Press Release - Soci


Another Interruption

Janelle Behny, MHSP Executive Director

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Being Flexible


Recent pandemic developments make me reflect on the ideal attributes of a titleholder in the Miss America Organization. One of them at the front of the list is flexibility. Not the Mrs. Incredible kind. The type that helps us anticipate and move on without a hitch in our step. It's the flexibility that allows us to comport ourselves with grace, dignity, and charm, regardless of what comes our way. If anything sows seeds of that nature, it's the adversity of the COVID-19 variety. While it's easy to let stress drive us to anxious panic, learning to make friends amid discomfort goes a long way to reap a harvest of calm confidence.

Keep Moving Forward

And so, we move forward while life presses the pause button for us. When we are part of a service organization, it's hard to feel useful when we can't go outside our homes for much! And no, I don't have a sewing machine to make face masks, so that's a little frustrating, especially when one of our most avid supporters owns The Spool House. How's that for irony? (Shaking my head.) But I digress. We still plan because the most recent projections for the pandemic to peak locally point to it happening sooner than later. And since the Hastings Chamber still plans on holding Rivertown Days in mid-July, we will keep our competition date that week, too! We will continue to evaluate the situation as new information comes to light, but I see the need for happy things to help our hope float.

Miss Hastings Serves

While we plan, we remember those who struggle with illness. Some from the patient side, others from the clinical side, and those who no longer fight because they lost. To these and their loved ones, we extend our most sincere condolences. To those who are spent from the fight, but not done, we give you our best: prayers, love, kindness, WiFi hugs, whatever helps you lift your head and be encouraged! We send it to you.


Meanwhile, we do what we can to encourage those who can find and make it to a Red Cross location to give blood. Please go to Sophie's Blood Donation page on our website to learn more. Sophie, Miss Hastings 2020, is a Red Cross blood donation ambassador with lots of experience in this area. The page is full of info to give you insight into the importance of donating and the best practices they've established to keep everyone safe as you give. We have a blood drive scheduled for May 28th, so I hope we'll see you there, but we'll let you know if we come up with an earlier date. We're trying to be flexible, so let us know if there's a birthday parade, social distancing opportunity, or service project to which we can contribute. We're flexible, and there's always room for more people to help our hope float!

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