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The 2022 Miss Hastings Scholarship Competition will take place later this year after MHSP fills its executive director position. If a director isn't found in 2022, MHSP will postpone its competition until next year. Please connect with us if you know anyone who is a strong executive director candidate or would like to serve in another capacity.


Awards at our October 2021  competition included a $1,000 cash scholarship for Miss Hastings 2022, a $300 cash scholarship to her first runner-up, and a $100 cash scholarship to her second runner-up. Our three presentation awards provided a $100 cash scholarship to each winner of Best Talent, the People's Choice Award, and the Spirit of Miss America Award.


Being a candidate in a Miss America Organization (MAO) local competition is a priceless opportunity! You'll meet new people, learn more about yourself than you could imagine, and make friendships that last a lifetime as you prepare to compete. The new registration process gives you membership to exclusive opportunities to learn from women leading their profession and a chance to win an additional $1,000 scholarship! Read more details here. You could even earn a state title and the opportunity to compete for more scholarships at the Miss Minnesota Competition and the Miss America Competition.

Still, the role of Miss Hastings is so much more! It's like an internship that gives each young woman a platform to advocate the cause she is passionate about promoting. She is an ambassador of our community, a servant leader within it, and a role model to our youth. Miss Hastings connects with our community, is part of fun events, and meets new people. The experience preparing to compete for the title alone is invaluable. The year of service as Miss Hastings is a lifestyle that can powerfully benefit the future of the young woman who bears the title because she builds relationships. It's life-changing!


If you have questions about your candidacy to become Miss Hastings, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance. You can also check Invisible Crown Productions, a website created by Miss Minnesota 2019-2020, Kathryn Kueppers, and her mother, Vicki, Miss Minnesota 1983. It's packed with information about the MAO and the benefits of competing with information and practical insights that are current, valuable, and relatable. Whatever you need, we can help you create the foundation of your Miss America experience and empower you to #PutYourEducationToWork .


A candidate chooses her competition number when all of her documents are submitted and approved. It's never too early to get started! We look forward to working with you.

On behalf of the Miss Hastings Scholarship Program, thank you!

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Miss Candidate Forms

The forms below are 2021-2022 local competition season documents. They remain posted to familiarize potential candidates with what to expect. The 2021-2022 local competition season in Minnesota is closed. Documents are updated annually by the Miss America Organization and are subject to change.

On behalf of the Miss Hastings Scholarship Program, thank you!
We look forward to working with you!