The Miss Hastings Scholarship Competition is a 501(c)3 organization and an official preliminary competition to Miss Minnesota and Miss America.


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The Miss Hastings Scholarship Program (MHSP) is taking candidate applications for Miss Hastings 2020. Please complete the Intent to Compete form and forward it to us through our Contact Us page or reach out for our mailing address to download, complete, and send the form to us. We suggest you review our 2019 application documents to familiarize yourself with the first steps of entry in a Miss America Organization (MAO) local competition. Please note updates to our contract, resume, and Social Impact Initiative documents are pending due to competition category changes slated for the Miss America Competition on Thursday, December 19th, 2019. Therefore, we advise you to watch it on KARE-11 to see what may be in your future, then check back here in February 2020. The earlier you start your application process for our July 15th, 2020 competition, the better for you as a candidate!

Being a candidate in a Miss America local competition is an opportunity with value! While competing within it to earn a local title, you'll meet new people, learn more about yourself than you could imagine, and make friendships that last a lifetime. You could even win a state title and the chance to become Miss America! As you do so, you get to discover the cause you're most passionate about and learn how to promote it to make a difference in your community. The experience also helps you build your career resume, get a good job, and create the potential for a better income.

Discover the MAO by visiting their website here. You can also learn more about MAO, its history, and the benefits of volunteering when you explore The Invisible Crown.  Created by Miss Minnesota 2019 Kathryn Kueppers, this website is packed with information about MAO, including practical insights to competing within it.  Kathryn held two local Outstanding Teen titles and two local Miss titles before wearing the Miss Minnesota crown. Her take on all things Miss America is current, valuable, relatable, and highly recommended! We also suggest you take advantage of any opportunity to connect with Miss Hastings 2020, Sophie Keeler, and the MHSP committee through events, workshops, attending local competitions, and volunteering. Please keep your eyes open for these occasions or contact us to find out more!

Awards for the 2019 Miss Hastings Scholarship Competition included a $1,000 cash scholarship for Miss Hastings 2020, a $300 cash scholarship to her first runner-up, and $100 to her second runner-up. Our three presentation awards provided $100 to each winner of Best Talent (decided by our judge panel), People's Choice (decided by fans and our audience), and the Spirit of Miss America Award (decided by our candidates). Our goal is to continue building on this accomplishment to create more scholarship opportunities for our participants in the future. 


If you have questions about candidacy with us, please contact us for assistance. We are happy to tell you more about the Miss Hastings Scholarship Competition, help you create the foundation of your Miss America experience, and empower you to #PutYourEducationToWork . If you're ready to get started, download and complete our Intent to Compete form. It will be an honor to work with you!

Thank you for connecting with us. #TheSisterhoodIsReal

Miss Candidate Forms

Please look at our 2019 competition documents and CMN website portal for our Miss competition below. You will also find a link to The Invisible Crown, a priceless resource of everything you need to know about participating in a Miss America local competition courtesy of Miss Minnesota 2019, Kathryn Kueppers.

On behalf of the Miss Hastings Scholarship Program, thank you!
We look forward to working with you!