Mission, Vision, Goals


The Miss Hastings Scholarship Program (MHSP) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that inspires young women to realize their best potential. We mentor them to obtain scholarships and support them in achieving their goals through education and service to others for the benefit of all.


As an official preliminary competition to Miss Minnesota (MMSO) and the Miss America Organization (MAO), MHSP is part of a movement that empowers young women to reach beyond their grasp to earn these titles and their life objectives. We accomplish it through personalized mentorship to develop their skillset, connect it to their education, and provide a platform to put it all into practice for a brighter future.


MAO, the largest educational assistance provider to young women nationwide, inspires its participants to socially impact their community's quality of life and foster citizen education with an initiative all their own.


The MHSP guide to effect these goals is the MAO motto: "Prepare great women for the world. Prepare the world for great women." Our inspiration to pursue them is the MAO's iconic history of blazing trails for women and its Four Points of the Crown:

Style. Service. Scholarship. Success.


  • Style is not skin deep. It comes from integrity within.

  • Service builds selfless leadership to help others.

  • Scholarship comes from wise stewardship of our gifts to excel, then improve the world around us.

  • Success results when we humbly practice the first three Points of the Crown.


These ideals direct and motivate MHSP, each candidate, and titleholder to faithfully use their talents and create lasting relationships. They prompt us to nurture young women vocationally, encourage the performing arts, cultivate healthy lifestyles, promote our community, and unite our residents. Our future leaders' education is our focus, and service is our heart. Join us! Let's treasure the journey together. ©

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